Parents with intellectual disabilities who have problems raising their children can live in Parkwijk. Despite professional coaching most of the parents at Parkwijk do not succeed in providing a secure home for their children. But outplacement of the children might even be worse for them.

Society increasingly wants us to intervene in multi-problem families. ‘Helpless’ shows us the limits of what social workers and child welfare can do.

With thanks to
Jolanda Swart, Thea Rosier, Richard, Stefanie en Melanie, Patricia, Gwendolyn en Sylvester jr, Cleo & Frits en Angel & Casper, lokatie Parkwijk, Zorgaanbieder Amerpoort, William Schrikkergroep.

Research Rishu Veldhuis Sound Maria Mok, Menno Eeuwe, Mike van der Sluijs, Marcel van Stralendorff, Anneloes Pabruwee Editor Erik Disselhoff Soundmix Marco Vermaas Executive producer Marty de Jong Producer NCRV Yolande van der Blij, Ellen Imhof Producer Paul de Bont Commissioning editor Jelle Peter de Ruiter Director & camera Marlou van den Berge

Length 100’, PAL 16:9, 2010